Real estate transactions are full of assumptions. A lot of our clients have been scammed of their hard-earned money due to the fact that they do not ask the right questions before purchasing a property.

One of our clients came complaining to us about the house he purchased few years ago, only to discover the land on which the house was built on was in dispute and till today he’s still trying to get his money back. How Sad!!

Do you know you can avoid the issues that come with real estate if you can just ask the right questions and do a little research yourself?

Some of the questions to ask your realtor before buying a property include:

What Documents does the Property Have?

Some of the documents/title you see in real estate includes Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of Assignment, and Excision Title etc. You need to find out which title your property has before making a purchase

Do I Get an Inspection Done Before Signing the Contract Sale?

It is advisable to go and inspect a property before buying it just like you would do for a car. You can easily walk away from the deal if you find any problems with your property.

Are there any deed restrictions on the property?

Deed restriction is simply how you use or what you do on your property. These restrictions often go beyond the local zoning laws in controlling the use of your property. For example, you might want to put a kiosk in front of your property or you may want to convert your living room upstairs to a bedroom, you need to be sure what you want is allowed as this may affect your decision to buy the property.

Are they any Hidden Charges?

Usually in real estate, asides the normal cost of the property, there are other charges like VAT, Legal fees and Utility bills.

I have seen cases where a client has refused to pay utility fees with the excuse that the realtor didn’t let him know it was included in the transaction. Such a scenario can be avoided if only you ask

What is the Mode of Payment?

Payment plans differ so you need to find out the payment plan that tailors to your need.

For us here at BAM Properties, we have the perfect payment plan that will cater to your needs, no hidden charges and best of all an Affordable Luxury Apartment

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